City No.1 High School carried out the theme of “National Funding, Helping Me Fly” in accordance with the “Notice of Special Inspection on the Implementation of the National Grant Policy for General Senior High Schools” and the spirit of the four national ministries and commissions' documents on tuition reduction and exemption. Yibin City No. 1 High School strictly complied with the regulations of higher authorities Carefully organize the implementation, and in the afternoon of May 4th, organize each class to carry out "National Funding, Help Me Fly"-a theme class meeting of typical publicity and selection activities for outstanding students who have grown inspirationally. Class teacher's ... [Detailed information]
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    Yibin No.1 Middle School held the 2015 Spring Class Teachers 'Study and Exchange Meeting At 19:00 on May 17, Yibin No.1 Middle School organized the 2015 Spring Class Teachers' Study Exchange Meeting. All the class teachers and grade heads of the whole school attended the meeting. The purpose of this class teacher meeting is to exchange my experience and methods in the education philosophy, class management, and state construction of the four major sections of the undergraduate department, innovation department, Yiyi College, and Shuohan College. [details]
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